Spain’s second operator
  • 10 authorizations in Spain, besides the international line that unites Madrid and Lisbon.
  • More than 750 workers and a fleet of more than 325 vehicles, characterized by its constant renovation.
  • Discretionary transportation (factories, schools, trips)


Spain's second operator.

By virtue of 10 authorizations the Avanza Group operates transport lines that connect towns located in dufferent regions, province capitals and important cities, as well as the link between Madrid and Lisbon.

The Long-Distance business unit includes a modern fleet which is 3,5 years old average and gifted with some of the better advances in matters of security and comfort. The vehicles bound to offering the express services are our answer to our customers' demands regarding the service quality, for which we become an example of quality within the long-distance market.

The emission levels of the vehicles compy with the Euro 5 regulations or superior in more than a 68%, complying with the Euro 3 regulations at least in a 31%.

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