Spain’s first private operator.
  • 28 authorizations in Spain and 2 in Portugal.
  • Exclusive passengers’ transportation within the town, with a wide time frequency.
  • The growing process is constant since 2004, as well as the renovation of the 100% of the authorizations.
  • More than 2.300 workers and a fleet of more than 740 vehicles.


Spain's first private operator.

The Avanza Group is Spain’s biggest private operator of urban transportation services, with presence in 28 Spanish towns and 2 Portuguese’s, where approximately 3 million people live.

At this point, it is established as an example of the Spanish urban transportation, covering the basic mobility needs and contributing to the cities’ organized development, by means of a more effective service management.

Its policies are aimed at obtaining of the maximum service’s comfort and accessibility, minimizing the environmental impact with the reduction of the energetic consumption and emissions, as well as reducing the acoustic and landscape impact..

As a consequence of the management done during the last years, the sustainability of the offered services has been guaranteed, with the outlays’ containment and the increase of the customers’ number, adapting the transportation networks to the citizens’ need and to the economic situation of the civil service.

The management model is supported by the compliance of the quality standards set by the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and the UNE-EN 13.816 regulations, as well as the environmental standards of the UNE-EN ISO 14.001 regulation.

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