Group History

Throughout the years, Avanza Grupo has become the leading passengers' transportation company in Spain

Avanza Group was born in March 2002 as a consequence of the integration of three of the main enterprises of the highway transport sector: TUZSA, VITRASA and Auto-Res. The adquisition of AUTOBUSES SALMANTINOS in 2002, GRUPO LA SEPULVEDANA in 2003 and the obtaining of the authorizations to operate Segovia's urban service in 2004 and Ourense's in 2005, are the continuation of a process that has let us face the challenge of satisfying the new market needs. In 2007 two new landmarks happened and our volume of activity increased: the obtaining of the authorization to offer Soria's urban service and the acquisition of the GRUPO CTSA (Corporación Española de Transporte, S.A.), owner of numerous authorizations of urban and lon-distance transport.

In 2008 the incorporation of the GRUPO ALOSA occurs and in 2009 we were awarded in the tender for the management  of the Covilha's urban transport and we obtained the authorization for the first streetcar system of the Group: the Zaragoza's streetcar.
In 2010 two new metropolitan contracts in the South of Madrid are incorporated to the Group: Madrid– Parla and Madrid-Getafe.
In 2011 two intercity companies from Madrid are incorporated to the Group: Empresa Turística de Autobuses (ETASA) and Empresa Alacuber.
In 2013 we obtained the authorization of Marbella's bus station and Huesca's urban transport.



TUZSA, current operator of Zaragoza's urban transport begins its activity, focused at the time in cattle's transport. Is the seed of Avanza Group's birth.


First contract for the passengers' highway transport between Málaga and La Línea de la Concepción, attributed to Juan de Dios Portillo.


Founding of Auto-Res. It was born as a familiar business, with the objective of providing the passengers a way of transport betwees towns.


Transportes Urbanos de Zaragoza (TUZSA) starts its first bus line, becoming the first private operator of Spain's urban transport.


Vigo's town hall gives the authorization for the city's urban transportation to Viguesa de Transportes (VITRASA) for a period of 25 years. 30 vehicles and 16 urban routes are incorporated.


Avanza Group was born as a result of the merger between 3 leading companies of the sector.


Avanza Group acquires “La Sepulvedana”, increases its billing in 33 million € and becomes Spain's second biggest bus operator.


Authorization of Segovia's urban service.


Authorization of Ourense's urban service.


Doughty Hanson acquires Avanza Group.
Authorization of Soria's urban service.
Adquisition of Grupo CTSA (Corporación Española de Transportes.


Grupo ALOSA is incorporated to the Group.


Authorization of  Zaragoza's streetcar.


The authorization of Madrid-Parla metropolitan service and Madrid-Getafe are incorporated to the Group.


Adquisition of Empresa Turística de Autobuses (ETASA) and ALACUBER.


Authorization of Marbella's bus station and Huesca's urban transport.

Keys of the strategic landmark

The creation of Avanza Group by means of the merger of Tuzsa, Vitrasa and Auto-Res represents a strategic step for the risk diversification in the portfolio of Authorization of authorizations of urban, intercity and long-distance passenger transport and bus station management.

The new Group strategy implies the augmentation of its presence within the forced mobility markets, focused on the growing of urban and intercity passenger transport authorizations.